Unique Airbnb in Alberta: Reclaimed Grain Bin

That Girl Named Carol
4 min readSep 10, 2021

I grew up in a prairie city. I wouldn’t say I know all about farming life, but I know a bit.

I got into tiny houses and alternative housing years ago when I realized that I truly wanted an unconventional life.

Then I started to get really interested in alternative structures — tiny homes, van homes, those homes that are made from tires and mud — Earthships, repurposing strange materials into housing structures like grain bins, silos and old depilated airplanes. I am just fascinated with repurposing.

So when I saw this silo/grain bin turned into a glamping oasis I had to book in for the weekend.

I am not going to lie I acted on instinct, and I acted on emotion and I acted on trends because I knew I needed to be at one of the coolest Airbnb’s in Alberta.

This Airbnb is exactly as the photos show. Its structure is a reclaimed grain bin that has had some repairs done and then reworked into a functional tiny home in the middle of the prairies — a silent retreat for relaxation.

In this year of not being able to really travel much internationally I have taken to opening myself up to exploring some of the lessor known places around Alberta. This led me to Mossleigh and to this reclaimed grain bin to stay for the weekend.



That Girl Named Carol

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